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123 Learn To Trade, Inc. was founded by trader Brendan Egan to provide a one stop shop for all your trading educational needs.

123LearnToTrade offers a 3 step method to help you learn how to trade in any market. We provide trading courses, trading mentoring, and trading forums all with one goal in mind:

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Does Price Action Really Work In Any Market?

Nov 10, 2013 - by BrendanEgan
BrendanEgan's Avatar One of the most common questions I've received over the last several years about price action is "will it really work in any market and on any time frame" and the answer is YES!

One of my favorite things about price action is that it truly will work in any market and on any time frame. From stocks to forex to futures to commodities to foreign markets, it works in them all, and works on time frames from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to hourly to daily to weekly to monthly to yearly and everything in between.

In my years of trading, I've worked with traders from 6 continents in the world in dozens of different time frames and several dozen different markets. No matter what time frame or what market, I have yet to come across a situation where price action doesn't work.

I'm not going to sit here and over hype price action, yes there will be days where you may not find any fantastic setups, where the setups may work against you, or where things might just be "slow", however that can be said with any trading strategy. Rather what I am saying is that the majority of the time, you'll have absolutely no problem finding setups in any market or any time frame using good, strong price action setups.

Price Action Works In Any Market:
I received an inquiry from a new student in Saudi Arabia interested in getting started with price action trading, however he was extremely concerned that the course wasn't specifically focused on the Saudi Arabia markets. The reality is there are hundreds of micro-markets in the world, many of which don't have courses specifically built around them. Even in the US it can be difficult to find a high quality course that focuses exactly on your market and time frame, which is exactly why we structured our course the way we did.

After chatting for a few minutes, I asked for a chart of his markets and he sent me over a link. I quickly took a look at...[Click Here To Continue Reading...]
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The Importance Of Understand A Trading Method

Oct 20, 2013 - by BrendanEgan
BrendanEgan's Avatar I can't remember the last time a day went by when I didn't see a trading course or receive a promotional email saying that a new trading method is so easy to follow you could do it in your sleep. Let's think about that, if something really is that easy to do, why wouldn't everyone in the world become a trader and make mountains of money?

The reality is, navigating the markets isn't as simple as just plugging in some indicator or formula and making boatloads of money. Becoming a good trader and a successful trader means understanding your trading method. When I first started trading and took course after course, the problem I constantly ran into was courses that said "Do this" or "Do that" but never explained why I should be doing this or that so that I could truly understand the trading method and become successful.

When we built our course, we set out to be different and provide a true understanding of how the markets work. That's why we've helped hundreds of traders through our course to not only gain some new strategies, but to truly gain an understanding for how the market works.

Just the other day I received a review from a new course member:
I very much enjoyed the course. I have always heard these concepts stressed but no has ever explained it. That has been the problem with previous courses. They tell you, but do not show you.

So before you sign up for another "tip of the day" , "hot stock pick" , or "miracle indicator" I would urge you to really learn about how things in trading really work and see if a properly structured educational course can help you with your own trading. I've been fortunate to have helped hundreds of other traders through our course, and I hope we can help you understand the markets as well.
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Learning To Trade When You're Ready To Learn

May 17, 2013 - by BrendanEgan
BrendanEgan's Avatar Last week I received an email from a course member who first took our course over 14 months ago. At the time, he was brand new to trading and learned tons of great new information from our course and thought he was ready to jump into the markets.

Like many of us, things came up and he wasn't able to focus on trading as much as he wanted to over the last 14 months. However he still experimented with the markets, took some trades, and had some great learning experiences.

Fast forward to last week, and he watched our course again for the first time in 14 months (remember one of the most attractive things to our course is that members not only can watch it as many times as they want, but they receive lifetime updates at no additional cost).

This course member watched the course again, and this time around picked up on tons of things he missed the first time around. Why did he miss them? Simply because he wasn't ready at that point in time to learn them. It has nothing to do with the course, how much attention he paid to it, or anything else other than the fact that he didn't have the right experiences yet to pick up on different lessons in the course.

The point of this post is that learning to trade is an ongoing process, so if you're already a course member or considering taking our course, make it part of your entire trading process. The people who get the most out of our course are those who view it once, then set it aside from a few months and repeatedly come back to the course to learn new lessons. I can almost guarantee that each time you watch the course, the material will teach you something new or the material will help you discover something new that you already know and bring it to light.

Fortunately for me, I receive these types of emails from course members all the time, and its great to know that our course is helping members not just when they first view it, but months and even...[Click Here To Continue Reading...]
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