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» Advanced Price Action Trading Course

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Welcome To The 123 Learn To Trade Advanced Price Action Trading Course!

The Advanced Price Action Trading Course
Where Sophistication Meets Simplicity

Welcome to a trading course designed with the beginner and advanced trader in mind. A course that's been called "eye opening" and has given traders a "new, refreshing way to approach the markets". A course that year after year has received 5 star ratings from the hundreds of course members it has helped. This is The 123 Learn To Trade Advanced Price Action Trading Course.

The Advanced Price Action Trading Course consists of over 60 lessons & over 7 hours of videos. The strategies taught throughout this course work in stocks, forex, futures, commodities, and virtually any market that has chartable data. Additionally, these methods work on any time frame and the course has examples of how to trade in every market and on every time frame--from scalpers to day traders, from swing traders to investors--this course will teach you how to effectively utilize price action trading and be on the road to success.

Course members have said this course provides them with a "new, useful, and common sense approach to thinking about markets and how to trade them". They feel that the course "can be followed by anyone and more importantly anyone can apply these strategies and techniques to their own trading". Course members have written in with exciting results from their trading as well. Joe Sheedy experienced nearly $1,300 in profits after he took the course and was able to have 9 out of 10 of his next trades go in his favor. Tran Pham experienced two great trading days, one with $1,799 in profits followed by another with $1,569 in profits. This course has helped traders from 6 continents and the success stories and testimonials go on and on and on.

This course covers everything you will need to know to incorporate price action into your trading and use what professionals have been using for decades. This course covers topics including market mechanics, trading psychology, money management, market manipulation, trade patterns, charting, and much, much more.

Through this course, you will learn how to trade with the professionals instead of against them and understand why this is a critically important part of trading that is kept as a Wall Street secret and something the majority of mainstreet does not ever realize. As if this isn't enough, this course also includes 24/7/365 personal support below each lesson. Through the support forums, you can interact with myself as well as hundreds of other experienced traders to discuss the course content, ask any questions, post examples, and more!

Quick Facts About The Course:

Name: Advanced Price Action Trading Course
Course Style: Price Action & Crowd Psychology
Style: Day Trading, Swing Trading, Investing
Number of Lessons: Over 60 Lessons
Length: Over 7 Hours Of Video
Format: Online High Definition Videos
Support: Private One-On-One Forum Support
Examples: Over 100 real world charts
Lesson List: Click here for Lesson List
Testimonials: Click here for Testimonials
Payments: Credit, Debit, Check, PayPal
Price: Just $297
Here's just a few of the topics covered:

-Spotting low risk, high reward entries/exits
-Proper ways to read support/resistance & trade these areas
-How to manage your money & preserve trading capital
-How to form a profitable trading psychology and mindset
-How to successfully trade breakouts and spot fakeouts
-How to spot price trends and how to trade them
-Spot professional manipulation & profit from it
-Understand trading as an art and it's implications
-Learn why most pros avoid trading indicators
-Learn what moves price, how supply and demand rule the markets, and why this matters to your trading
-Understand professional accumulation & volume changes
-Learn all 10 of my trading strategies, where I enter, exit, & place my stop loss in 100+ chart examples
-Get lifetime access to course updates, additional live trade examples, unlimited views, and 24/7 private support
-Get a sneak peek at the whole course lesson index here

Advanced Price Action Course FAQ's:

When will I receive the course after my purchase?
Since the course is hosted right here at, you will receive instant access to the course and support forums upon purchase. Unlike other sites, you don't have to spend weeks waiting for DVDs to arrive. You should get an email after purchase--if you don't see it be sure to check your spam box.

How Long Is The Course?
The great thing about this course is we are always adding more real market examples of what we teach. Currently, the course is over 6 hours long and consists of over 60 high def video lessons.

How Much Does It Cost?
This course is available for only $297 - but don't confuse a lower price point for an inferior product---our course has received raving reviews from members that have taken $1,000+ courses on other sites and rate the 123LearnToTrade Advanced Price Action Course as much more beneficial to their trading.

What markets and time frames does the course apply to?
That's one of the great things about this course--because it explains exactly how markets work, it can be used in Stocks, Forex, Futures, Commodities, or just about any market there is. Likewise, it can also be used on any time frame--so if you are a scalper, day trader, swing trader, active investor, or buy and hold investor you will find the material in this course beneficial and applicable to your trading.

How Do I Pay For The Course?
Simply click the "Order Now" button on this page. All payments are processed through PayPal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal Transfers, and E-Checks from most worldwide currencies.

I have other questions about the course...
Just click the "contact us" link and we will respond in less than an hour or call us toll free at 1-888-612-6123 .

    Price Action Trading Course Reviews    Contact Us    Price Action Trading Course Index

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