I'm a huge fan of the internet -- it provides millions of resources right at our fingertips that would normally take years to find through offline research. But with the internet comes to ability for anyone to make a website -- and I mean anyone -- and the truth is there's hundreds of thousands of websites that offer opinions on trading. The unfortunately reality is that many of these websites are run by marketing geniuses who can get you to whip out your wallet faster than I can blink, but they very, very rarely deliver any sort of quality information after you've paid.

Many people have referred to trading educational and informational websites as people selling snake oil, slimy salesmen, or charlatans. I unfortunately have to agree that a good amount of websites out there are just trying to make a quick buck, and those are the sites that come and go with the blink of an eye. While this isn't a foolproof way, there are some things you can look for when getting information and purchasing educational materials online:
  1. Does the website have just a sales page or does it add value through other resources?
  2. Does the website have a regularly updated blog area where they post free information or are they just trying to sell something?
  3. Does the website look like a gimic -- BUY TODAY! and dozens of flashing banners, warnings when you exit the site, and so on?
  4. Does the site's main goal seem to be to help provide you information or make a quick buck?
  5. Does the site promise unrealistc things -- 500% returns, guaranteed results, etc?

These are all common traits of websites selling some sort of get rich scheme that probably doesn't work. Trust me, when I was a new trader I wasted hundreds of dollars on those types of systems and I got absolutely no where -- if anything those types of systems hurt my trading more because I was convinced that was THE strategy to be using, and when it failed like they nearly always did my psychology took a pretty big hit.

These are the main reasons behind putting this website together. Yes, we sell a trading course on our website, but we have helped hundreds of traders with our course and consistently receive positive reviews for the materials in the course. We're also teaching a simple, time tested method -- price action -- which I personally know works when properly applied. But on top of the course and coaching, we try our best to provide hundreds of free resources for traders on our website. I try my best to keep this blog updated regularly, we have free forums to utilize and ask questions, and we have a few free beginner guides that we offer to get you on the right initial path as a trader.

While there will always be some people out there who view all trading educational sites as scams, I know we try very hard here to differentiate ourselves from the others in the field, and over 99% of our clients seem to agree that we truly are different from the other websites out there.